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F.A.Q. Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus area measurement


Here are the useful area measurment units of North Cyprus

- 1 Dönüm(10 sot) = 4 evlek

- 1 Dönüm (10 sot)= 1.338 m2

- 1 Dönüm (10 sot)= 14.400 ft2

- 1 Evlek = 334,5 m2

- 1 Evlek = 3600 ft2

- 1 m2 = 10,76 ft2

What are the types of deeds in TRNC ?

Turkish Deed: is called the places that used to belong to Turkish and British people before 1974. This type of deed is the most solid, unproblematic one.

Equivalent Deed: is called the deeds that brought when law of location, equvalent estate and provision of land law were on process in 1977. According to this law, people that left their estates in South that assigned to TRNC, they got equivalent estates after that process. With this equivalent deeds, mortgage loan is possible with the variant percentage of 75% from Turkish and Cypriot Banks. This has also chance to take an approval from international law, because of the reason of mentioned in Annan Plan before.

Allotment Deed: is called the places that allocated by the TRNC government. All those people who purchased, also have right for usage too. Banks do not have any mortgage loan opportunity for this type of deeds. If North and South Cyprus will come together, no one knows nothing about the consequences of these deeds. The owners with allotment deed may have problems as similar as happened in Orams Case.

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